The Letter. . .part 2

As a teen, Sarah’s interest lay in learning how to raise a happy family; her vision composed of a combination of Norman Rockwell’s paintings, Father Knows Best combined with Ozzie and Harriet; Doctor Spock called the shots. As these component parts came off the assembly line of the Happy Family factory, somehow the finished product must have cracked under pressure to develop a fault line. Years later, the careful construction erupted to cause grievous damage.

One son and his wife, let’s call them A and B, were always exceptionally close to Sarah but they were financially needy. Sarah’s two younger children were in college and doing well but somehow that didn’t satisfy A and B. They took turns to whisper in Sarah’s ear saying, “The kid brother isn’t doing too well at that fancy college so send him to a state school and he can get a job to pay his tuition.” Next, A attacked the youngest sister saying about the same thing and Sarah fought back. “They are happy where they are and doing so well.”

Badgered, manipulated and weakened, Sarah found it easier to give in and let A influence her judgement. With her husband gone, alone at home, she began to feel comforted in an odd way rather than disagree with both of them.

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26 thoughts on “The Letter. . .part 2

  1. I think the younger children would have something to say about that, too. I hope she’s able to keep standing up to them.

  2. I like Nancy’s idea, esp the hot guy. LOL I can easily see Sarah giving in. Sometimes it’s too hard to fight your kids. Without her husband for support, she’s tired of fighting. This dynamic is very common. Which kid has the stronger voice? Greed takes all kinds of form. I hope Sarah finds the strength she needs to stand up to A and B. Very emotional snippet. Good job.

  3. I’ve seen this sort of thing in families, myself (not mine, I’m glad to say). Greed and jealousy are a terrible mixture and poor Sarah is being pulled in several directions without a husband to lean on and stand up for her. Very poignant snippet!

  4. Sometimes people are wonderful, and sometimes they’re terrible. A and B deserve a swift kick to the rear, and a lecture about sharing. You have me rooting for some support for Sarah!

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