The Letter . . .part 3

Hi gang, I’m moving on with this awful story; a story of treachery in a family.

excerpt: Sarah’s insurance money soon was referred to as ‘our’ money by the beloved son A. “Mom we need money to buy a house and I’ll give you a better interest rate than you’re getting from the bank so help us out.” Subsequent additions added, purchased without asking Sarah, were a pool and an indoor hot tub all put on his tab.

An uneasy feeling came over Sarah whenever she was with A and B; she tried to shake it off but something was wrong in the Garden of Eden once her family. Adam had surgery of the nose due to constant problems and since he didn’t recover instantly, he went to an alternative clinic. This was back in the eighties when this became popular to an insane degree. A psychologist was recommended and he began therapy. One day, he said, “I have to distant myself from you because my therapist said it’s necessary.”

Sarah, always agreeable since childhood in the thirties, was trained to be patient and accepting although she didn’t understand and sadly this went on for several months with Sarah not allowed to visit her grandchild and A and B and then the letter arrived with these words:”Under hypnosis, A’s therapist helped him to discover he was sexually abused by his grandmother at age two. You also sexually abused him when he was a bit older and without doubt, you have abused sexually your grandchildren; and because of this, he has developed multiple personalities.We know of people who have sued their parents because of abuse; in a perfect world, you would forgive the debts we owe you. They secretly told Sarah’s children in an attempt to poison their minds but the family didn’t believe a word; she grieved for two years of this death in the family and never saw them again but sometimes, in the night she wonders about the pain. . .what can be done for the pain?

My friends, this is a true story. I found the letter in a drawer a few weeks ago and had to share it with you. You all know me so well. I’m usually full of joy and I still am.

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25 thoughts on “The Letter . . .part 3

  1. It’s good to get it out into the open, Charmaine. Families can be a blessing, but also cause great pain. Son A, if he only realised it, has lost something very precious – worth more than money – and that is the love and trust of a mother. He is the loser in this. Stay cheerful, Charmaine.

  2. What a horrible thing to happen. I recall reading about a time when ‘repressed memories’ were a big thing–lives were ruined, people went to jail or committed suicide–and then, much later, we all realized it was wrong. Memory is an incredibly elastic thing, and can be fooled so easily! Very emotional snippet. 😦

  3. Such a sad story, I’ve seen myself how sometimes greed can corrupt people and tear families apart, hard to believe that children could do that to their parents, but it happens.

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