It Will All be Revealed, won’t it?

“Too dark in here,” I said to my son, Paul, who had accompanied me to my father’s funeral in Chicago.

“Hit the light switch, Mom.”

“I did but the bulb burned out.”

“Like Poppa,” he said. “Like Poppa what?” I said.

“Burned out.” “Kaput,” I said in the dark, falling into the old word game we’d played since Paul was a pup.

“Fini.” “Bought the farm,” I said. A shared chuckle from the black humor.

A click in the dark and a narrow beam of light illuminated my Father’s  packed closet; I groped for his favorite jacket and there it was, worn brown leather bomber style. I pulled it off the hook where it hung for easy access by aged hands and hugged it to my chest. “Smell this,” my son, the jacket thrust in front of his nose where he couldn’t escape.

He inhaled and questioned, “what is it?”

“Perfecto Garcia Queens, Poppas favorites he sent me to the corner drug store to buy them, a quarter a piece.”

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34 thoughts on “It Will All be Revealed, won’t it?

  1. A very different snippet from you but I enjoyed the black humor (humor gets us through the sad and difficult times for sure)… and the wonderful use of the senses to call up memories. Terrific! HUGS and glad you’re feeling so improved 🙂

  2. This is so easy to relate to. Scents are such a powerful presence that live long after we lose our loved ones. Beautifully written!

  3. Love the pathos in this snippet, the dark humour which I guess is a way to cope with sadness, certainly I’ve found that to be so in times of loss. Lovely snippet and so glad you’re back! x

  4. So sorry to hear you’ve been ill. Take it easy. We want you around. Your snippets are so interesting. Love the black humor and the smell of the jacket. Smells are so powerful, yet we don’t use them enough in our work. 25 cents for a cigar? How long ago was that??? 🙂

  5. The smell of cigars always summons the memory of my Uncle Johnny. I used to ride with my aunt to take him downtown each morning and he smoked a cigar each time. I can see why she’d remember so well. Great snippet!

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