Grandest Grows Up

Grandest Grows Up by Charmaine Gordon

Cassidy Rae sang as she drove the last mile to her favorite and only Grans in the world. “Don’t Stop Thinkin’ about tomorrow, yesterday’s gone, yeah, yesterday’s gone.” She thought, so true as she pulled into the long driveway with an American flag waving in the spring breeze as if Grans welcomed her. My Grans doesn’t even know I’m here! She laughed to herself, grabbed her duffel bag, closed the worn Pontiac door and hurried up the steps. Of course the door flew open at her touch.

She called, “Granny, I’m here.” No response. She sniffed the aroma, followed it to the kitchen to lift the cover of soup cooking. Oh yeah and hooray! Barking at the back door came from Tommy, the big white and brown pit bull. “Hey Tommy, what’s the problem?” He ran back and forth as if to beckon her. CR raced through the path toward the woods where she saw a bent foot, heard a familiar cry from the one she loved best.



27 thoughts on “Grandest Grows Up

  1. Oh, that doesn’t sound good at all. Good thing she arrived in time to help! Nice snippet! 🙂

  2. Charmaine, I’m so, so happy to see you posting again! *hugs tight* It’s amazing how real-life events can inspire our writing. I can already tell this story will be an emotional journey for all of us. Welcome back! xoxo

  3. Very dramatic excerpt – I love the way you changed the mood and tone when she realized there was a problem. So happy to have you back, posting with us!!! We MISSED you so much. HUGS!

  4. Love the shift in mood from joy to tension, Charmaine. A minor suggestion: adding another sentence after her question to the dog to show the spike in her alarm r even that he’s anxious rather than happy to see her would really heighten the suspense. Unless . . . Gran is off in the woods making whoopie!

  5. So glad you’re back posting again. I’ve missed your stories. What a dramatic change in emotion in this snippet–from joy to fear. Great job.

  6. Lovely to see you back her, Charmaine – and what a way to finish, keeping us in suspense! Hope Grans is OK! (By the way, I’m glad you made the dog a pit bull – these poor dogs have such a bad name lately, and like any animal, if they’re treated and trained with kindness they’ll respond by being faithful gentle friends – but often respon in kind, in self defence, to cruel treatment.)

    • You are so right, Hywela. I’ve learned, from experience, treat them right. They do respond to love and kindness. My daughter trains pit bulls. She has a beauty at home plus a bunch of pets. I’m right in there with them Funny how Tommy is so gentle with me-the Granny in the family.

  7. So good to see you here again, Charmaine! Great sense of foreboding you’ve built in this snippet. I’m glad Cassidy has arrived in time. I’d been afraid Grans would be gone when she got there!

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