Chapter 1 Grandest Grows Up

CR held back tears to see Grans with her beautiful green eyes closed, lying in a heap surrounded by branches of the huge tree. She reached out to pat her the way Grandmom always did when she was little. “Grans,” she called. “Grans, it’s me. I’m gonna take care of you right now. What happened?” “Cassie Rae? Oh, my baby girl. You’re here. I need an apple for a pie. Marcus likes pie for dinner.” She sniffled. “I dropped the apple when I tripped over a damn rock.” Dialing 911 fast from her new phone, CR said, “Hurry. My Granny fell. It’s the old house off the main road where the flag is.” “Hey, Cassie Rae Everyone loves Ms. Michaels. Hang tough. We’ll be right there.” She pulled off her big sweatshirt and covered frail Grans. In a hoarse whisper, she said,”Don’t die, my precious. I won’t go back to school until you’re all better.” Oh my God! She said Grampa Marcus likes apple pie for dinner but Grans husband died last year.         




e, precious Grans. I won’t let anything happen to you.”


30 thoughts on “Chapter 1 Grandest Grows Up

  1. Her granddaughter is surely keeping her head in a crisis and doing all the right things! A very tense snippet, loved all the small details, as always. So lovely to have you back on the snippet hop with us – BIG HUGS!

  2. What a scary moment, but CR is handling things so bravely. I’ll think good thoughts for Grans. Sounds like she has a long road to recovery ahead of her. *hugs*

  3. Whew! I thought for a minute Grans was gone after all. I’m wondering if she’s had a stroke? Could that have caused her fall? Though she came out to get the apple, so she must have been confused before she came out. I’m definitely worried for her and Cassidy.

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