Chapter 3

The wail of an ambulance came close. In a frenzy, C.R. waved for attention. Two men jumped from the vehicle, stretcher in hand with equipment to examine the woman on the ground. Jim O’Connell, a man C.R. knew since childhood hurried over. “My Grans fell.”

“I’ll take good care, my dear.” He bent down to examine the elderly woman who appeared to be so frail. Cassie Rae looked, blinked her eyes to see a friend from high school so long ago. “Charlie.” She held out her hand. He stared at the pretty girl he once loved way back in time.

“Hey, Cassidy Rae. I’m home from school helping my Dad this weekend. Sorry Grans fell. We’ll have to get her to the hospital, for sure. Follow us.” She shook her head. “Hell no, Charlie. I’ll lock up Tommy, turn off supper and ride with you.” She ran toward the house after kissing her dearest Granny. “I’ll be with you in a minute.”

“What do you think, Dad? To me, it looks serious. Maybe she had a stroke and fell fracturing her ankle.”







33 thoughts on “Continued-WIP

  1. Oh, I really hope it’s not too serious. Interesting how these two just happened to be in town on the same day. 🙂

  2. Sounds like she’s heading to where she needs to go. And she’ll have her Cassidy Rae by her side. 🙂

    No snippet for me this week.

    Got your link all fixed up, dear girl.

  3. Love her name. Her worry for Grans comes through loud and clear. Nice hint about her and Charlie’s former lives.

  4. Another action and drama-packed excerpt! I’m glad she has such good people taking care of her AND I sense maybe a few old friendships about to be renewed? Very enjoyable snippet (well except for Grans being hurt of course!)…HUGS to you, my friend, lovely to have you posting snippets with us!

  5. I feel like a newbie right now. In the olden days, I wrote with steam and now it takes a heap of thinking. YIKES! Loosen up, I tell myself. The story and words will come. If you’re in my neighborhood, do stop by. Miss you.

  6. You can tell how worried she is about grans. I sure hope grans will be okay. It does sound serious.

  7. Glad she has so many people there to help in her time of need. Great scene, my friend. I’m thinking of you today and wishing you a wonderful Mother’s Day! xo

  8. It sounds like Grans is in capable hands, thank goodness. And how fortunate an old acquaintance is the guy with the ambulance. Sounds like this could turn tragedy into something good. 🙂

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