More C.R.Grows Up

“What do you think, Dad? To me, it looks serious. Maybe she had a stroke and fell fracturing her ankle.”


His dad frowned, a mop of gray hair blew back in the wind; “It’s to be decided when the doc in Emergency takes a look. Hey,” the father looked up at his son, “as I recall, you were nuts for this special girl. Her mom died in Afghanistan and she lived with her grandmother until she left for Veterinarian School. We must keep Ms. Brown in good shape, Charlie, ‘cause C.R. needs her and so does the whole town.” As they carried the stretcher to the waiting ambulance, a loud shriek pierced the air. Birds flapped their wings close by and seemed to caw.

“Pops, that sound came from this delicate woman.”

“Son, she always made herself known.” They hurried to lift Ms. Brown into the ambulance. On their heels ran Cassidy Rae to settle in the ambulance and murmur sweet words to her Grans. Her eyes remained closed.


20 thoughts on “More C.R.Grows Up

  1. I like Dad’s comment on Charlie being sweet on C.R. I wonder why the town needs Grans. Always make the reader question so s/he reads on. I want more. 🙂

  2. So glad she’s in good hands. I’m curious to know why the whole town needs Grans.
    Can’t wait to read more.

  3. A while back, I wrote a story about a young dynamic couple who helped to grow a small town. Slowly they built the town into a place where kindness to strangers was their motto. When trouble began, the town pitched in and now, years later, it’s time to come to the aid of the woman who brought kindness and morality to the town..

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