More C.R. Grows Up

“Doctor Burns,” Jim said, “this is Cassidy Rae; Ms. Brown raised her since she was a pup. Let’s get cookin’ and find out what’s happened to the best citizen in this town.” The doctor nodded and they all hustled to the nearest room. Charlie moved in close to Cassidy Rae to hold her hand. After a quick examination to the sleeping woman, Doctor Sam ordered for the x-ray nurse to hurry in with needed apparatus. Silence in the small room as everyone held their breath.

In a few minutes, the doctor nodded, “Ms. Brown has a nasty twisted ankle, no fracture. I’ll have to take more tests regarding possible stroke or other problems so Cassidy Rae, please hang on to your calm and say a prayer. Charlie, keep her company in the cafeteria while I call one of the senior doctors for consultation.”

“Doctor, don’t think for one minute I’m a kid ’cause I’m twenty-two, almost finished with Veterinarian College and I’m gonna be right with my Grans while you do your work. I won’t get in your way, that’s a promise.” She turned to Charlie, “Stay with me, please since we’re old friends and I need you.” He squeezed her capable hand.



26 thoughts on “More C.R. Grows Up

  1. Her promise not to get in the way could be difficult to keep, depending on how things go. If they start to go bad, she’s going to have a hard time not interfering.

  2. Cassidy Rae is certainly doing the best she can and her best is darn good! I liked that she asked her friend to stay and support her too though…enjoyed the snippet and HUGS to you, my friend!

  3. She doesn’t seem to be one who stands by and observes quietly. Love her dependence on Charlie to soften her.

  4. I love the juxtaposition of C.R.’s standing up to the doctor yet needing Charlie close. Good for her.

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