More C.R. Grows Up

Day turned into night as doctors examined her Grans and C.R. watched with care, always ready to pounce if she thought Grans needed her. How foolish, she realized ’cause I’m in a room filled with experienced doctors but she’s the love of my life and we need each other. Dear God, please be extra kind and save my Grans and she held Charlie’s hand tighter to realize he had grown into manhood when she wasn’t looking. She watched the doctors confer, nod and leave the room except for Doctor Burns who beckoned for Cassidy Rae to follow him so keeping Charlie by her side, they followed the doctor to his office. He asked the nurse to bring sandwiches in and requested the young folks to sit.“My colleagues and I discussed possibilities and I sense you’re both very bright,  otherwise I wouldn’t bring this up so here goes. Cassidy Rae, You’ve been away at college for a while and your grandmother is alone since your Grandfather died last year so she’s alone most of the time.” “She shook her head,“No Sir because she has Tommy, our Pit Bull; we used to have a German Shepherd Shephard long ago.” A tear fell as she thought of the old days.“Of course. Tommy is a pet, a companion but he’s not a person like you or her husband and that’s a big difference so she may be lonely and this is the time in her later years when it’s possible for her to get a condition called dementia.”Horrified, C.R. jumped up to storm around the room, “NO”, she cried,  “Absolutely Not My Grans.”


22 thoughts on “More C.R. Grows Up

  1. That’s hard news to take. I’m sure many decisions will have to be made after Cassidy Rae comes to terms with the news.

  2. Just like real life but who knows? I’ve read about dementia, my oldest brother died while in a supposedly great caregiver place. I also read about possibilities with the proper care. To be continued. Thanks, Jessica.

  3. How difficult for C.R. to realize her Grans has aged. You always write about situations that are so true. And convey real life emotions. Very good.

  4. Oh dear! Somehow I think the doctor may be jumping to an incorrect conclusion here…but Grans is lucky she has CR to watch out for her in any case. A very intense snippet…HUGS to you, my friend!

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