More C.R. GrowsUp

“At this early point, it’s a possibility so please hear me out.” the doctor said. Charlie reached for her and led his friend back to the chair next to him. The nurse entered with a tray full of sandwiches and soda to encourage C.R. to bite into a hamburger. As if they were just hanging out, the doctor joined them in the snack and slowly picked up the conversation. “Dementia is a syndrome that has to do with memory and performance of daily life, the good news is there are ways of overcoming this.” The young people lifted their heads to fasten on his every word. “Music is one way to bring life back to the patient and exercise is good plus another is being with people and having a purpose like a simple task.” He sipped his coffee, bit into a juicy sandwich.  “For instance, Grans loves her dog so since you are studying to be a Veterinarian, the town can pitch in and start a small business for your grandmother like starting a collection for a small kennel to be used to care for stray pets. This may be a great outlet for her with someone to help until she learns and gets back on her feet. I’m thinking fast here because I have an elderly uncle who is going through a bad time and the family is up in arms trying to do the right thing but the problem is everyone’s too busy with their own lives to take time for Uncle Ed.”         



26 thoughts on “More C.R. GrowsUp

  1. I was having a conversation with someone at fitness whose father is going through the same thing. Very realistic.

  2. Interesting suggestions from the doctor. He seems to be really trying to help. I can’t wait to find out what’s going to happen next – I have high hopes for C.R. to be able to really make a difference for her grandmother. I really like C.R….great snippet! Hugs to you, my friend!

    • If C.R. met you, she’d love you right back, my friend. My C.R., yes there really is a Cassidy Rae, granddaughter, the dearest loving girl I’ve ever known and I helped raise her from birth. Now ten years old, she cares for me as much as I cared for her from her beginning. I’m her Grans.

  3. The doctor sounds very caring – in a world of busy people who aren’t!I too think the idea of caring for rescued dogs is a good one, dogs give so much and ask for so little, it might well be a two way thing and help both grans and the dogs.

  4. I work at a hospital and have come across some patients with dementia and it’s really hard for the families, so this is a great reminder that there are options to help. 🙂

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