More C.R. Grows Up

At this early point, it’s a possibility. Please hear me out.” Charlie reached for C.R. to pull her back to the chair next to him. The nurse entered with a tray full of sandwiches and soda and encouraged the young girl to bite into a hamburger. As if they were just hanging out, the doctor joined them in the snack and slowly picked up the conversation. “Dementia is a syndrome that has to do with memory and performance of daily life and the important information I’ve studied is there are ways of overcoming this.” The young people lifted their heads to fasten on his every word. “Music is one way to bring life back to the patient plus exercise is good and another way is being with people and having a purpose like simple tasks.” He sipped his coffee, bit into a juicy sandwich. “For instance, Grans loves her dog and since you are studying to be a Veterinarian, the town can pitch in and start a small business for your grandmother. Maybe starting a collection for a small kennel to be used to care for stray pets and this may be a great outlet for her with someone to help until she learns and gets back on her feet. I’m thinking fast here because I have an elderly uncle who is going through a bad time. The family is up in arms trying to do the right thing but the problem is everyone’s too busy with their own life to take bothercare of uncle Edtime for Uncle Ed.”

7 thoughts on “More C.R. Grows Up

  1. I love the idea of them opening a kennel for her! Very nice scene that fills the reader with hope. Great job, my friend! 🙂

  2. That little town sounds like such a nice place. I hope they do pitch in to start a business for grans. 🙂

    I dunno where my comment got to, Charmaine. I swear I left one on here last weekend. Ugh! Technology… 🙂

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