More Cassidy Rae Grows Up

The doctor sat back in his chair, folded his hands across his chest and sighed; “Thanks to both of you, I’ll sleep tonight knowing I have a team to help with this complex situation so come back tomorrow about noon and we’ll have more information regarding Ms. Brown’s condition.”  Hand in hand the young couple walked out of the hospital and Charlie noticed the spring moon cast a halo on Cassidy Rae’s light hair. He stopped to touch her silky curls fallen around her shoulders.  “I’m a mess after a day like this with first the long drive, then finding Grans in a heap. Oh goofy me, I locked Tommy in the house without food and I need a ride home, um, from  you since my car’s in the driveway and soup’s still on the range.”  “You’re beautiful.”   Startled, she stepped back and said, “I’m a wreck!” Charlie shook his head and reached for the girl he’d loved years ago, knew in his heart he still loved her. “I love you, CassidyRae. I did back then and still do.” All she could say was ‘Oh’.


24 thoughts on “More Cassidy Rae Grows Up

  1. I’m sure she didn’t see that coming. Maybe I’ve forgotten, but does she know about Charlie’s feeling from before? If not, yeah, that must have been a major shock! Great snippet!

  2. Charlie is so sweet…and sweet on her. His declaration must have flabbergasted her. I enjoy all these snippets you post. Such a tender story.

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