More Cassidy Rae Grows Up

She walked into the old house and looked around and she wondered, did all this really happen in such a short time? Finding Grans hurt, rushing to the hospital, all the fear and worry and suddenly Charlie! Her chin came up. She lost her Daddy when she was three, her mommy a Marine doctor in Afghanistan left her with Grans for a few months and she had so much fun with Grans but. . .”  Tears flowed as the past took over; waves of memories overwhelmed her. She recalled two men in uniform knocking on Grans big door. She was only six years old and loved to fly down the banister and jump at the bottom for a landing but no one smiled that time. She pictured Grans face so sad when she held her shaking hand out for the flag folded neatly handed to her by one soldier. The other soldier gave me, just a small child back then, a doll wrapped up with a red bow and then he crouched down, his voice soft. “Everyone respected and cared for your mom the whole battalion cried when we lost her. She slept with the doll because it reminded her of you.”


32 thoughts on “More Cassidy Rae Grows Up

  1. You pack so many feels into one snippet!!! But as others have said as well, very ‘real life’ sadly. Bad things do happen. I hope Grans comes out of this mostly ok and will be eager to keep reading. Very well done excerpt. HUGS to you, my friend!

  2. Brought back memories for me too. I didn’t lose parents to a war, but I remember the officers handing me my father’s flag at his funeral. Very emotionally packed snippet. Well done, Charmaine.

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