Chapter 8-C.R. Grows up

“What a sunny day!” C.R. stretched, withheld sadness and fears and whistled for Tommy. “Hush, big boy. You’ll wake the neighborhood.” She laughed. “So silly ‘cause there’s no neighbor ‘round here for miles. Wait a darn minute. Maybe my besty is home on break from that fancy college up north. She yelled out the window the way Grans taught her so many years ago. No playdates for her. Just yell for someone to play with any day, any time and Mandy’s rich daddy had a nice house built on a path so we could play just by calling.

“Mandy,” she called,” you there?” No response. Of course not. The trees had grown since they were little kids. She phoned her. Once, twice with no answer. “Hey, GF, I just got back for spring break so tell me what’s cookin’.”  “Not all good, sorry to say. Come on over. I’ll make breakfast and spill.” After big hugs, Cassidy Rae held her best pal at arm’s length to check her out. “Whoa, you are a knockout, girl. Blond hair all streaks n’everything.” “Daddy Warbucks paid for it. Mommy Anna screamed NO WAY!  My little sister and brother are so cute and right now they’re in the school we went to. I promise to go back to natural but right now I’m too busy with school, dating hunks and Harvard is awful, too hard for my little brain. Now speak up and tell me what’s wrong.”

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31 thoughts on “Chapter 8-C.R. Grows up

  1. Strngely – it’s showing up for me now! (Along with a few more excerpts it seem, how strange.) Anyway, great snippet as usual, and I gree abut the trees being a nice touch, subtly indicating the time that’s elapsed.

    • Oh yes! I’m still in touch with my besty from high school and another from college-both women are still in Chicago while my husband and I moved all over the country. He was an Air Force pilot
      I had too many children. What a glorios life.

  2. Yay! Glad the post is fixed. We all change as the years go by, don’t we? How great that C.R. and Many are still friends.

  3. Translate please, my educated friend. I had four years of Spanish and I recall the alphabet. My daughter and grandest ten years old both picked the language up-Amy had to for Spanish speaking parents coming to her school for Parent’s night and Cassidy Rae learned from her mom. Your comment means a lot to me.

  4. I couldn’t see the post yesterday and I thought it was just me, but it seems it wasn’t. I stopped by today and it’s working fine. Fantastic snippet, so descriptive and I really like their friendship. 🙂

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