When Double Becomes Single

Last week Sharon Michaels received a call from their family doctor. He told her to hurry back to the hospital. Midnight, snow falling; she’d forgotten her glasses, wondered who would clean off the driveway since she was still mending from hip replacement surgery, and worried if she had enough gas in the tank.

Something triggered an impulse to run to Barry’s room when outside, Doctor Max Bloom stopped her and said, “Barry’s had a heart attack and there was nothing  we could do to save him.” She shook her head; “You’re saying Barry’s gone,

he’s dead? and she raced past the doctor, pushed open the door where her husband lay still, his hazel eyes closed, gone forever from her life His checkered robe hung in the open closet, slippers tucked below, forlorn and shabby without Barry. Sharon used the stepstool to climb up on the bed; she needed to be closer, to caress his face and already he felt cool to her lips


20 thoughts on “When Double Becomes Single

  1. There is so much emotion and truth in this scene. You wrote it perfectly, my friend. Thinking of you and sending love and hugs, always. xo

  2. Hi, dear GF. Thanks for the boost. You always lift up my spirits. BTW, I completed my Cassidy Rae story and now I’m reading and re-reading before my publisher checks it out. Hopefully, she’ll approve and soon it will be published. New title: Project Grans. Take care, dear Julie. Love, Charmaine

  3. We saw the scene as she saw it as she cataloged how/where everything was. His closed eyes, open robe, old slippers under the bed, but we FELT the scene when she realized the slippers, forlorn and shabby, were ‘without Barry’. Well done.

  4. This snippet tore at my heart. So vivid, so real. That doc needs to work on his delivery of bad news. Too abrupt. Real, nevertheless.

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