IMG_0296 Introducing my close friend Judy Audevard and her therapy dog, Lulu. Judy is the President of Paws for a Cause. She has received many accolades for her accomplishments and medals galore.

Now that I’m a senior, when did that happen, I often wonder, I’ve learned from personal experience the wonders of Therapy Dogs. A few years ago, I fell and for 8 weeks I was in rehab. Judy contacted her friends at Paws for a Cause alerting them about my situation. While learning to adjust to my various problems with the capable care of therapists, suddenly a pooch wearing a red jacket, bounded right up to me in the busy room. She laid her big sweet head in my lap so I may pat her over and over again. Then she licked my hand. What a treat. I smiled big-time for the whole day.

From that day forward, Therapy dogs of every shape and size visited me.

Know this, my friends, I’m an author. My daughter picked up my computer from home, sat me down in a wheelchair and said, “Mom, it’s time you wrote another story. And I did.

At Your Sevice is the title. I gathered stories from Therapy Dogs owners. They were kind enough to share how their journeys began. Inundated with their heartwarming stories of how they found their dogs, how it all began and the love between owners and dogs gave me shivers. I wrote and wrote and finally finished. Vanilla Heart Publishing followed up and soon At Your Service became an ebook for all who are interested.

Thanks to Pat Colinganese for her You Are Not Alone article. President of Alliance of Therapy Dogs in Westchester County, NY Call 1-855-548-1797

Thanks for reading my blog, today.

Author Charmaine Gordon,


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