When Double Becomes Single…continued

Last week: Sharon, just widowed, broke the sad news to her younger son Jeff and Inge his wife so far away in Copenhagen, knowing they would catch the next flight home.

“Mamse, soon we want you to sell your home, move here where we have much room and before the children are too soon old; oh, did I say it right?”

“Dear Inge, just perfect; I pray for your safe journey  as you come back to me.” She ended the connection, knew she needed a glass or two of Chardonnay before calling her difficult son in New Jersey, too close for comfort.

Liquid courage helped her punch in his number; the phone rang a few times, his nasty wife, Corrine picked up; Sharon heard shouting in the background, just what a mother loves to hear and Corrine said, “Yeah, who’s calling?”

“Sorry to call so late, Corrine but I must speak to Fred.” don’t cry, don’t cry, don’t cry-hold yourself together…”Mother, what’s wrong, Oh God, something must be very bad for you to call this late.” Sharon took a deep breath, “Your father had a heart attack and now. . . he’s gone.”

Silence on the line and then her son said, “Is my brother coming in from wherever the fuck he lives?” “Of course he is and don’t curse.” “So you called him first, huh.” “Stop it right now, I have no patience for your rivalry and Jeff has to make arrangements; I need rest before the,” her voice caught before she could say, “funeral.” Sharon heard him break down as he hung up.



24 thoughts on “When Double Becomes Single…continued

  1. Oh, there is much drama in this family. His death will either bring them together, or tear them farther apart.

  2. Yes this certainly is a very dramatic snippet – you put so much emotion into each sentence, Charmaine, and the contrast between the two sons and their wives is, sadly, so very much like real life.

  3. Siblings can be so bad toward one another. I know my girls were when younger. I hope her sons will allow their father’s death to bring them closer together. The last thing Sharon needs is their drama. Very close to life, Charmaine.

  4. Nothing is ever the same following the death of a parent. It’ll be interesting to see how things play out with this family. Great writing, Charmaine.

  5. Such a sad and realistic slice of life. Especially the reaction of son #2. Why is it always about them instead of the real loss? Very nicely done, Charmaine.

  6. Ugh – family dynamics and the feud between the brothers will not diminish just because their dad died. In fact, it will escalate because emotions will run high. Poor mom…

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