When Double Becomes Single…continued

Sharon returned from arranging funeral plans to find her older son and his wife at her door. She said, “Where are the kids; I thought  you all would stay overnight or longer.”

“Uh, James is in the middle of SAT’s and Lori is studying for midterms.” Astonished, she looked from her son to his wife; “Their grandfather dies and they can’t get away to say goodbye?” She turned her back in disgust; are you coming in because it’s too cold to leave the door open?” “Uh, no Mother, we checked into a motel a mile away because Corrine isn’t fond of the dogs.”

Sharon hurried to let the pups in knowing they gave more affection than she’d had from her own son and then the pups enjoyed a romp around the floor with her until she cried since she’d never driven the car at night alone and never had the training to be on her own. “Be strong dammit; stand up for yourself; just try it!” She hurried to call Fred and said, “You get my grandchildren here no later than tomorrow morning or they are out of the will and so are you.” She hung up and spoke to her deceased husband: Barry, brats aren’t going to treat us this way, my sweetheart; no way, no how.



26 thoughts on “When Double Becomes Single…continued

  1. Hard enough to be dealing with the tragedy of her loss without the other family drama. At least she has the dogs to keep her company at this time.

    • Your comment means the world to me, Teresa. I’m pleased to find,thus far, the story shows what a woman can accomplish on her own after she loses her loved one. Survive and thrive is my motto. Thanks for your assistance, my dear friend.

  2. I’m so glad she stood up to him – and it’s bad enough Corrie doesn’t like the dogs – which says realms about her character – but to be so insensitive as to deny the grandchildren their chance to say goodbye makes her an even nastier and selfish character. Seems Sharon gets a lor more love from those two dogs than she does from the human pair she’s just spoken to.

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