When Double Becomes Single…continued

Last week Sharon told son Fred he better get his children to the funeral or she would take all of them off the will.

Fred showed up all smiles and Sharon said, “The business isn’t complicated; you measure the space carefully then show the client cabinet samples and deliver on time because we don’t install. Bright-eyed Fred said, “Show me a ruler and I’ll get started, but when Sharon brought out several different sized rulers, Fred backed off and said, “Whoa, I’ve never seen devices like these, I pictured regular 12-inch rulers.” Sharon said, “If we are to be partners, you better learn fast.” Fred whined, “Uh, maybe you can hire a guy to measure.” “Fred, go to the local hardware store, meet the manager and tell him you need to learn right away otherwise we have no business because I’ll have to close up.”

“And live on the insurance money?”

A vein throbbed in her forehead; Sharon knew aspirin and ice would help as soon as her son left. “Any money I have is my business so you learn the simple task of measuring and then we can move on; right now I must lie down.






26 thoughts on “When Double Becomes Single…continued

  1. It’s good she’s standing up to him, but with his knowledge, I don’t know if I’d want him to be part of the business. Hopefully he learns fast.

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