When Double Becomes Single…continued

Last week Fred didn’t know how to measure and Sharon said: “learn to measure or else I’ll sell my business.

Sharon’s body felt limp like a Raggedy Ann doll with so much to accomplish. Her dear son so far away with a business to run, a wife and young children to care for. As for me, she thought, I only have me;  and I don’t even drive at night. Her inner self-said, “So do it, you ninny, you’re fifty-six, old enough.”

She decided to look in the mirror; self-assessment, skin good inherited from mother, maybe go for facials every month, walk on the treadmill, ride the bike to nowhere and by spring she’d be stronger. Barry’s still gone but there’s nothing to be done about that.

Just when she’d given up on Fred, he knocked on the door, Corrine by his side. “I should have a key, Mother, what if something happened to you…She stopped him from rattling on; she said, “I have an emergency for help ever since the hip replacement surgery and there’s always 911; come in, the dogs are in the yard.

“Mom, Corrine took shop in school and my idea is that Corrine becomes part of the company and she’ll be the measuring guy and you and I will see, uh, clients.




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