When Double Becomes Single…continued

Sharon held her breath before telling Jeff the latest arrangements or rather a version of what’s going on. “Since it’s impossible to continue working the company with just me alone, your brother and his wife offered to help out with Corrine doing measurements and Jeff can develop business in New Jersey while I continue with our old customers in this area.”

Jeff turned into a storm cloud and said,”I knew it, the minute I turned my back he jumped in to see if he can become a partner  but don’t let him because he’s a snake so beware and watch the company checkbook and after a while notice he’s written a check for an item that has nothing to do  with business. Did you get the insurance money?

“Yes I did and it’s safe with an investment company and the man next door saved me from a bad fall and now he’s plowing the driveway.”

“Mom, beware of new men in your life and remember you don’t really know anyone” Their connection broke and Inge walked in to ask if everything was okay. He reached for his wife and said, “Just hold me tight because Mom has my brother in the business and now a guy next door is making eyes at her and right now I’m too tired to think; it’s like having a teenager to watch over.” “We will have to persuade her to move in with us before she gets in trouble, all she heard was the gentle snore of sleep from her troubled husband.”






“Yes, and it’s safe with an invest













28 thoughts on “When Double Becomes Single…continued

  1. It’s good that Jeff is concerned about his mother. But I hope no one takes advantage of her as he suspects.

  2. Just because someone is helping shovel her drive, it doesn’t follow he’s “making eyes” at his mother. I think Jeff is trying too hard to be a good caregiver. Over-protective is what I call it. As for his brother, actions speak louder than words. Is Jeff too far away from Sharon to help out? If not,he could keep on eye on everyone who wants to take advantage.

  3. We got a good idea of how the family relates to each other. I like for her to be independent, but I understand how a son might worry about her.

  4. Hum, he’s a bit overprotective of his mom. I mean, he’s concerned (and with good reason, it seems), but making the woman move in with them as if she were a child is going to far, isn’t it? Great snippet!

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