When Double Becomes Single…continued

Last week Sharon’s son in Copenhagen was very upset to know bad brother and his nasty wife would be taking advantages of his mom, Sharon and warns her to watch the check book and make sure they haven’t been stealing money.

Pleased to see business growing, Sharon opened the checkbook to make sure there weren’t any checks written other than for business, horrified to find large checks were written to cover a breast augmentation, she called Fred and Corrine in for a dressing down. “Money is only for the business and I’ll take your names off the checkbook.”

But mom, you never told us not to use the checkbook and Corrine needed this surgery since it’s something she’s always wanted.” Oh Fred, we are a small company and your Dad and I worked many years to build this company and we never wasted money.”

Corrine said, ” But you have lots of money set aside from insurance.

“Corrine, any money I have is my business so keep your eyes straight ahead and save money for your future and furthermore, I want you to pay back every month for taking money that doesn’t belong to you.”

Two cross people left when they saw snow falling and Sharon felt relief to be alone. She opened the checkbook to examine carefully in case they had taken any more when she wasn’t looking. Sure enough, her son and wife just put a downpayment for a fancy Ford;  and she called to the Ford boss, Lenny Goldberg. He said, “Hi Sharon is there a problem; if so tell me and I’ll fix it.” Sharon said, “I want you to drive to my son’s apartment and take the car back because he cannot afford it.” I’ll have my men get over there right now.”



18 thoughts on “When Double Becomes Single…continued

  1. Good for her for standing up to them! I hope they learn a lesson. Though they seem like the type who won’t. Nice snippet!

  2. Good for her. I’m outraged for her. How dare they take her money. Good thing she checked the checkbook. Who knows what else they would’ve taken!

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