When Double Becomes Single…continued

Last week Sharon gathered her big dogs to the Dog Park and met an actor, Jack Torrance who brought his Chihuahua, Janis Joplin. They exchanged personal information and Sharon invited Jack to her home for dinner. He jumped at the invitation and followed her home.

Driving home, she talked to her deceased husband Barry; “Barry, what in the world did I just do? Is it weird to invite a relative stranger to our home; I’ll keep a knife handy because it’s lonely without you here.” Soon they were at her home, fed the dogs and let them outside and then she asked about Janis. Jack said she’d be happy in her little house  while she put together a light dinner.

Right away, Jack noticed how cozy her home is and he ran his fingers across the piano and asked if she played; she said, “not often and not too well, why?” Color came to his cheeks and he said, “I have an opportunity for the part of Amos who sings Cellophane and I know the song so well and the dance but I’d love to have someone help me practice and critique what I’m doing.”

Sharon took a deep breath and said, “I haven’t played in a long time but if you have sheet music, I can try.” Jack swept her into a dance move and said, “It just so happens I have the portfolio in my car so if you don’t mind whipping up a simple salad, we’re in business. Jack was too excited to eat so Sharon bumbled her way through the music and then Jack went right into the routine. His voice was clear and touching as he sang the words about nobody knows my name and dance movement came with it. He said, “What do you think?”

“Poignant, I’d like to see you relax a bit more and build on it but what do I know; nobody knows my name brought me to tears and make it believable since you’re no longer a song and dance anymore. Let me know what happens, my friend.”

“I’ll send you tickets.” http:ll.www.wewriwa,com/

22 thoughts on “When Double Becomes Single…continued

  1. This scene has such a nice, intimate feel to it, Charmaine. I now I have to dig out my copy of Chicago to watch again cuz I can’t get that song out of my mind.

  2. It’s a wonderful scene you’ve painted. How lovely to find someone to share a passion with. 🙂

    I’m so sorry I didn’t get to your link. One of the other admins fixed it. We were at the mercy of that ice storm and just got our electric on last night. It was an adventure, 72 hours without electric. We had to haul water because we have our own well, but had no power to run the pump. We were lucky though. Only 3 days. Hugs!

  3. Love your comment. That gives me a boost after all the personal probs the past couple of years.
    Daughter is a marvel taking care of Cassidy Rae, me, 4 dogs, two chickens, 4 cats and a partridge in a pear tree. Regarding the ice storm, we’ve had that and you must be so cautious. she paid big bucks for having a special gizmo that will forever keep ice away and no more losing our foods. She’s a miracle woman caring for all of us.
    Hugs always, dear friend.

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