When Double Becomes Single..continued

Last week we moved along;  Early the next morning the phone rang; Caller I.D. said Clarkstown North High School. What in the world? Sharon picked up. “Sharon Michaels here. “Are you the grandmother of James and Lori Michaels? Her heart pounded with fear. “I am. Are they all right? “You are the designated caller, Mrs. Michaels. I’m Mrs. Van Buren, the principal.  Their parents have left them alone while they are on a business trip to Florida. Did you know that?” No, I didn’t know that. Are the children at school?” “Yes. They are good students considering they are new here but I have a feeling life is difficult for them. Would you please come here so we may discuss this serious situation? I’m keeping this private for the moment.” “I can be in your office in half an hour and thanks for calling.

Sharon knew how to dress fast and she knew how to put herself together in a hurry. The phone rang early in the morning and Sharon wondered who was calling so early. “Are you the grandmother of James and Lori Michaels?”

“Yes, I am. Is there some problem?”

“You are the designated caller. Ther parents have left them alone while they are on a business trip. Did you know that?”

“No, I haven’t a clue as to what they are doing.” “I will come right over and maybe we can figure out what to do with my grandchildren.

“Keep in mind, these children need love and a good home right away..”

A knock at the door and in walked two children. Sharon jumped up to embrace them. “I’m short.” Lori’s soft voice spoke. James’ face broke into a grin. “Both of us are terrific in tennis and that’s just the beginning,”

And this is the healthy life, a beginning for two dear grandchildren.





15 thoughts on “When Double Becomes Single..continued

  1. To those (above) who’ve heard grandkids are the best. Oh, yes. Wish I’d had them first. LOL This snippet does say a lot about parents who leave kids alone while they’re off on a trip. Grandma to the rescue! Those kids need her.

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