When Double Becomes Single. . .continued

Sharon almost cried when she met her grandchildren. She said, “Your grandfather said I was his pocket wife, petite but very strong. You both have an athletic look. Do you like sports?”

James face broke into a grin and said, “Both of us are terrific in tennis and Lori is way good in gymnastics. For an eleven and a half year old girl, she’s just about perfect.”

His little sister punched him in the arm and said, “Jimmers, I’m just okay so far.” “Yeah right, I play the guitar and sax and we haven’t been here very long because…and this…” “So what happened at home? Your parents knew I wanted to see both of you and you are safe here.”They shook their heads without saying a word and Sharon thought they are damaged but she’d fix it, by God she’d fix it.

“Do you like dogs?” James said, “Oh yeah we always wanted a dog but they said no.” Sharon said, “we took in rescue dogs a few years ago and never regretted it.”

“Please, grandmother, please rescue us and we promise you’ll never be sorry because James and I will make you proud.



20 thoughts on “When Double Becomes Single. . .continued

  1. By the sounds of it, she’s already planning to take them home. I’m sure they’ll be better off with her than their parents.

  2. The kids seem remarkably well-adjusted given what sounds like serious neglect. I would expect some deeper issues to emerge along the way, I bet it’s not all plain sailing!

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