When Double Becomes Single. . .continued

Last week  Sharon gets to know her grandchildren better each day.  Her last words to her grandchildren: Now what’s your favorite food and don’t say pizza. What’s pizza?” said the kids. 

First the kids  met the dogs and were ecstatic since they weren’t allowed to have pets. Then after dinner, Sharon took them shopping for a few starters and  after, they were home, did homework and went to bed. They made a plan for the next day. The next day they went to a terrific clothing store and including the best clothes including shoes.  James said they would pay for their own clothes their    clothesnew clothes but their gran The next day after school they continued with shopping

8 thoughts on “When Double Becomes Single. . .continued

  1. What an adventure . . . for the moment, but grandmothering is hard when it’s 24/7. I admire her tenacity to fill in for their appalling parents.

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