When Double Becomes Single..continued

Last week Sharon continued on her challenge to help her grandchildren. They got right into the wonderful game of tennis. The years flew by and suddenly James was ready to enter college. Sharon decided that the family would travel to visit her son, wife and their small children When they arrived at the airport , Sharon could not find her cane. Eventually, she found it , met an attractive colonel and had dinner with him. The kids watched as the grownups enjoyed each other and soon their grans had fallen asleep. The grandkids decided they needed to speak to the colonel to see if he was truly interested in their precious grans. He nodded, told them he had fallen in love with their lovely grans. He also told them he planned to attend a conference in Germany and then would surprise grans at uncles home in Copenhagen but when Grans and the kids arrived in beautiful Copenhagen, Uncle and family were not there since they had gone to their summer home. Neighbors brought fresh food and had a wonderful time when suddenly uncle and family arrived. During the rest of the week, Grans took care of a sweet world in with the youngster. The doorbell rang,Grans opened the big door and there stood the colonel. Sweet ending to Grans delicious world.



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