Lulu knows the way

After showering and with care she used make-up she didn’t use very often, Meredith Brown dressed in her new slinky silk dress. If only she’d meet a man to admire her shape. She selected a jacket to wear during the day, one to cover cleavage before the big Christmas party. She packed the small gift for the party and added her Lady Smith carefully and hurried out the small apartment. Oh to rush out, maybe meet a nice gentleman. A sound of click, click and she heard a strange sound. In a hurry, she hollered “Your barking up the wrong tree, mister.” To her surprise, a small pit bull shook with fear.

She picked him up so she could snuggle with the small pup and hurry onto the bus.

and this is the beginning of a delightful story



31 thoughts on “Lulu knows the way

  1. I don’t think the pup was who she was expecting to encounter, but maybe a better option. Looking forward to more.

  2. Oh fun stuff indeed here, with the party and dressing up and then the unexpected appearance of a darling dog…I hope she is going to meet someone to ‘appreciate her shape’! Loved the snippet, sorry to be late commenting but HUGS to you, my friend!

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