Lulu Finds Her Way

“Are you lost or did you run away?” No answer from the pup. A collar was around the sturdy neck but she had no time to call. She figured she’d carry the pooch to the office, buy a leash, food, and call the owner What a plan! And what about the Christmas party? She, Meredith, was totally in charge of the big event. Okay, she had enough pull to bring the pup to the party. So far she didn’t the man of her dreams but maybe tonight. Just maybe.She checked the collar area and sure enough , a collar of identification was there to read. Snuffy belongs to Brian Reed and a phone number was right there.

The phone and rang. A grumpy voice answered “What?” “Mr. Reed, I found your dog or rather the pup found me on the way to work. The pup is sleeping on my lap. I can return the dog at the end of the day.”Keep her. I don’t give a damn.” “He coughed. “Sorry. I’m recuperating from hip replacement and the stupid dog sitter lost her.

“I’ll get leash and food for her and keep her with me all day at our Christmas party.”What kind of dog is Snuffy?”

First of all she is a Therapy Dog with a certificate, so there. And what name would you prefer, you with your temporary pooch?” Meredith decided to be kind. She’s a female and deserves a pretty name so I’m going to call her Lulu.

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23 thoughts on “Lulu Finds Her Way

  1. Sounds like he needs a therapy dog more than he realizes. It will be interesting when Meredith and Brian meet for the first time.

  2. I agree, he needs mental therapy. But…if he’s in pain, finally got to sleep, then woken up, he’s (sort of) entitled to be grouchy. Nice snippet, Charmaine.

  3. So it’s your fault, not mine. Too much fun. My close friend with a pup has a perfect pooch someone gave to her. Dogs, cats, and 2 chickens and you have an infinite array wonder between kids of any size. Is your hubs adorable also? My dearest love was also a cutie until he died of heart failure. Now I write about my recollection of happy days. Are we adorable or what!

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