Lulu knows the Way

Meredith’s boss just came in to the office with many things on his mind. “Whats this, a Christmas dog for our party? What a great idea.” He patted the dog, then lifted her up. “We’ll put some red bows on her and she’ll come to the party.” He sat at the luxurious desk. “Meredith, you’ve been with us and now me for a long time. I value your work and you deserve a raise. I have a check ready for you.

Thank you, Mr.Albright, I’m thrilled to hear good news. Now sir, about the pup, I found her on the way to work without a leash or food.” “No problem at all. Take the time right now and be back when you’ve accomplished your pup mission. No problem at all. Then make the Party Room as perfect as I’m sure it will be under surveillance. I do have a private gift for you when you return. I hope you didn’t buy a tie for me. By the way, what’s this cuties name?” I named her Lulu although the owner named her Snuffy. She’s a Bona Fide Therapy Dog. Meredith gazed up at him, her boss for so many years with such a look on his face. “Sir, is there something wrong? ” Htt:pp//www.//wewriwa//

24 thoughts on “Lulu knows the Way

  1. I love her boss! I do wonder and perhaps I missed a previous snippet, but if she found the dog abandoned without a leash or food, how does she know the original name and owner? I’m intrigued about the boss’s face at the end and can’t wait to read more!

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