Lulu knows the way

Last week we learned that the big boss had something on his mind. He sat heavily in his new chair. “I’m going to tell you something personal. meredith sat opposite him, a worried feeling inside her.

“Years ago, I was at a bankers conference in D.C. I met an attractive woman from another bank. Her name was Luellen and her friends called her Lulu. He cleared his throat. We came close to having an affair but I kept thinking of Martha and then children at home so we kept it cool and said goodbye. He shook his head before speaking again. “The weird thing is once you said Lulu, the romance came back to me. This is between us, Meredith. I had to talk to someone and I trust you.

Mr. Albright, thank you for your trust.I wonder if she’s still in the same town, pardon my asking. Did she ever tell you where she lived? What town, like that? “Hmm. As a matter of fact, she did. Wayne, NJ” That’s not too far from New York and since Martha passed, you’ve been lonely. I can see it in your eyes. As your number one confident, I can easily try to locate her if she’s not in some foreign country. If in fact, If you don’t mind, once I get the pup straightened out, like right now, I’ll tend to this matter. She looked at her favorite boss in the world. “Unless you’re not interested.”

Meredith saw him straighten his tie and pull himself together. “That will be all, Meredith. Hurry with the pooch, do your thing and come right back. He handed her fifty dollars, much appreciated since she didn’t have a bunch of cash after paying for the dress and coat plus gifts for the party. I appreciate your help, Mr. Albright.”

“After all these years of working together, in private, consider calling me John.Now scat. We have a Christmas party ahead of us. She smiled a secret smile and put her coat on: I meant to tell you that there will be no liquor at the party and I’m sick and tired of people getting drunk and acting like fools so we’ll have soda and a gorgeous buffet and a four piece band and when the party is over, we have red wine just for us to toast the New Year coming soon.



26 thoughts on “Lulu knows the way

  1. I love the friendship between these two! Also, that Christmas party sounds like it’s sure to be a winner! Wonderful job, my dear! 🙂

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