More action with Lulu

Meredith carried Lulu to a Pet shop where she bought Lulu a new leash, booties to keep Lulu warm, dog chow and two bowls for a yum feast. To heck with a man; She’d be happy with a pup. Back in the office, Lulu made a beeline for the boss and snuggled under his chin and then she danced the cutest dance for him.

The day flew by with both of them busy in different ways. Suddenly Meredith cried out! “I’ve found your lady! She’s right here in New York at a fancy address. She’s a widow with children and still works in the banking business on Wall Street!! John sauntered over as if this news had little importance to him. Meredith grinned inside and handed him a full dossier on his lost love. “Well boss, I sure wish I had someone to surprise.” She gathered the pup and off they went to the party room because the pup needed decorations and so did the tree. She left her jacket in the closet and swung around in her black dress. John called out, “Just a minute, missy. What are you wearing!” “This is just a black dress, thank you.” “Wow, you look beautiful dressed like that. I never dreamed you were so lovely.” Meredith said, “Thank you.” And she hurried to the Christmas room where the caterer was busy with platters of everything tasty and Meredith set Lulu down under the tree where her adorable pup danced and entertained everyone and the party began. Https;//www//wewriwa//


21 thoughts on “More action with Lulu

  1. I would like that party! Anywhere I go, if someone has a dog there, my husband and I are tuning into it.

    Your link is all good. Did it last night. Some people had trouble with the links last week. Maybe Linky is a bit wonky today.

    I’m glad you’re having fun with this story. I’m having fun reading it. Hugs!

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