More with Lulu and a surprise

Last week, Meredith took charge in getting the Christmas Party ready. Lulu sniffed around the kitchen and got a good brushing and suddenly she jumped onto one of the assistants from downstairs and snuggled under her chin. All the helpers gasped and when Meredith asked what the problem was, someone said the woman was recovering from Cancer. Then Meredith understood once again that Lulu was a special pup she had to keep her one way or the other. She hurried down the elevator for one last Lulu try at her tree. “What a day it had been, what a rare mood she was in, why it was almost like being in love. She hummed the old song, crossed her fingers for good luck when the door burst open. In walked a beaming John Albright, a lovely woman on his arm. “Oh my, she thought. My plan for the boss worked. Now if one works for me, I’ll be thrilled on this Christmas Eve.

“Welcome, everyone and thanks to Meredith for decorating and pulling our party together. Meet my friend, Luellen. I’ve found her and we’re together again after a long time.” They walked away, hand in hand like the lovebirds they once were.


23 thoughts on “More with Lulu and a surprise

  1. Dogs seem to be able to detect who needs their attention. Sounds like Lulu would make a great therapy dog.

  2. Hey, my friend, everyday life grows more wonderful thanks to my daughter and CassidyRae. Even though Paul, my son in Copenhagen, lives so far away, we connect daily. Yes, this woman is enjoying life and you are a major part of the richness I’m blessed with.

    • Charmaine, I’m so happy you have your daughter and Cassidy Rae–and that Paul and you stay in close contact. We so enjoy your snippets–and all of your comments. Always so upbeat–a ray of sunshine into so many writers’ lives. Hugs ❤

  3. Such a charming snippet. I don’t think people realize how therapeutic an animal can be. I’m partial to dogs, but I understand any animal can be trained.

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