Meet Lulu

The big party was moving along, dancing, dining and caring on so Meredith decided she would fix a platter of goodies and take Lulu to her real owner, the right thing to do. His address was in a fancy part of town. The driver helped her carry the platter when snow began to fall. A well-dressed doorman recognized Lulu and warned her to be kind to the man when she gets to his apartment because he was recuperating from surgery. Always pleasant and knowing she had to give Lulu to the owner, Meredith did the right thing and when the man opened the door, her tears flowing, she explained finding Lulu in the snow and now the pup really belonged to him. He was surprised and happy, taken with her sweetness, and insisted she had dinner with him. She even showed him how to excercise his hip as Lulu climbed into the dog bed and fell asleep. After a while, he noticed Meredith was tired and suggested she take a nap. Exhausted from the hectic day, she climbed on the big bed and slept. The nice man watched her as she slept and called the fancy shop downstairs, ordered some warm clothes for his interesting guest.

More to tell about next week. http://www.wewriwa

25 thoughts on “Meet Lulu

  1. Well, his reaction was quite different in person than on the phone. It’s nice that Lulu is now returned to her owner.

  2. Just before reading this, I talked to my son Chris, who’s taking care of his brother’s dog while he’s in the Azores for work. Chris has a sore neck because the dog crowded him terribly when sleeping with him during the night. Meredith is lucky Lulu let her sleep in peace.

  3. Such a sweet story so far. And he finds her interesting–even better things ahead. πŸ™‚

    If I were there, I’d make you some chicken soup and hot tea with honey and lemon. Hugs to you, dear friend. Please take care of yourself. ❀

  4. I don’t think I mentioned that the book I’m working on has a dog in it also named Lulu! She’s a King Charles spaniel, though. And definitely not a therapy dog. LOL I’m glad it seems the true owner is a decent enough guy. Hopefully more good things to come!

  5. Such a noble decision and the right one. The mom in me is concerned about her falling asleep in the home of a stranger. But Lulu’s there to watch over her. Hope you’re feeling better!!!

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