Grandest Grows UP

Last week , the good doctor informed Cassidy Rae that her Grans was in bad shape and she may not recover. When no one was around, C.R. hurried into Grans and climbed up on the big bed. She snuggled close to her favorite person in the whole world. “Grans, do you remember when I was a little kid, I played a game with you?” “Sure do, you rascal. You asked me were I lived before I moved here long ago.” C.R. giggled. “Do you remember where you lived way back then?” “Silly girl. I grew up in Chicago.” “And where did you go to school?” “Volta School right near my house.” “And one last question, dear Grans, who walked you to school?” Grans had a serious look on her face. “My big brother always walked me to my school.” She cried and said, “But my brother didn’t live a long time and I still miss him.” Cassidy Rae hugged the best person in the whole world and knew she’d do everything to help the one person in the whole world.


19 thoughts on “Grandest Grows UP

    • Yes, Cassidy Rae was only six, when her mother, a doctor in the Marines overseas, had to leave her little girl with her own mom so she could spend 6 months at work and she had to make sure her precious child would be in good hands.

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