Grandest Grows up

Last week , when no one was around, Cassidy Rae hurried in to see how her Grans was doing. She climbed in her Granny’s bed and asked her questions the way she did when she was six. She listened and cried with the most important person in her life. After a short time, CR hugged her Grans and realized she needed a ride home. Her friend Jimmy waited outside for her. “Jimmy, I need a ride home ’cause the dog is locked up and I forgot to turn off the soup so please drive me home. He looked at the girl he’d known forever. Cassidy Rae, we went to school together when we were kids and I fell in love with you then. All the way through high school I always watched over you to keep you safe. For sure, I know I love you, always will, so of course I’ll drive you home.

After listening to him, all she could say was ‘OH’.


21 thoughts on “Grandest Grows up

  1. Boy, that’s a lot of information to lay on Cassidy Rae on what is probably not her best day. I’d love to hear the conversation on that ride home. πŸ™‚ Nice snippet!

  2. Yes, that’s a lot to say after the experience she just had with her Grams. I hope the house is okay with the soup still on the burner. That could be very dangerous.

  3. Well that’s quite an answer to the question of whether he’ll drive her home! But I love his attitude πŸ™‚ He’s obviously a very good guy.Enjoyed the snippet and hugs to you, my friend.

  4. Aww, there are so many sweet moments in this snippet! I love her cuddling in the bed with Grans, and Jimmy’s rambling confession. Can’t wait for more of her reaction. Great work, my friend!

  5. This confession calls for more than on “Oh!” I hope she can assemble her braincells in time to hang onto the moment.

  6. My first thought was that he picked an unusual time to final express his feelings. But maybe it’s a smart time, instead. Realizing that she’s vulnerable because of her grandma’s illness, I guess he wants to reassure her of his support.

  7. I have to admit that my first thought is for that soup left on the stove all day. I really hope her house hasn’t caught fire. I enjoyed her cuddling with Grandma and his confssion at the end, lol. He couldn’t have chosen a least appropriate moment. Oh indeed!

  8. I thought about the soup burning, too. Yikes! I would’ve loved to hear the conversation while cuddling. The remembrances between them. His declaration of love seems to come out of the blue. I imagine she has something to say about that.

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