Cassidy Rae moves on with her besty

Gene walked back and forth watching for his date with Maryn. Always dating pretty women, he recalls the young girl from way back in high school. Her Dad was a big man in business building homes and fancy neighborhoods. He had his guys fill a bowl of flowers. And suddenly she appeared at the front door. He ran to open the heavy door up front and he kissed her. After he led her to a private table, they decided to dance. When the first dance ended, once again he kissed her. She gave him a warning to forget about romance. Too soon, she said. and they hurried back to their table.

One more spin around and they were lost in each other and the soulful music. When the music ended, they clapped hands and Gene bent to kiss her right there with patrons all around. Maryn whispered, “Gene, our dinner is ready, people are staring, and we’ve just met.” “Just one kiss, please. I need to taste your sweet lips.” She shook her head with a positive NO! “Maybe later if you behave.” She led the way to the secluded table toward the back where the waiter showed them the menu.

Gordon, Charmaine. Project Grans . Vanilla Heart Publishing. Kindle Edition.


22 thoughts on “Cassidy Rae moves on with her besty

  1. Maryn is definitely not one for PDA. I wonder if Gene will behave to get his kiss.

  2. He’s rather forward, even for a contemporary man. He hasn’t seen her in a very long time–if he’s so interested, why didn’t he seek her out before this? She’d best be wary!

  3. Gene has had an odd life with wealthy parents who neglected their only son and then they died in a car accident. He’s a good young man always seeking exceptional business and he has crossed paths with Maryn’s father. Because Grans needs attention, he pitches in. Thanks for your interest, Jenna.

    • A whole town jumps in also because of Gran’s needs right now. Maryn and Cassidy Rae work on getting people to help, take care of dogs, sell cookie, refurbish Gene’s dog building and get a doctor to care for pets. It’s happening all at once,

  4. well said, my friend. never quite thought about partners. As for me, I fell in love when I met my guy in high school. married forever, years when he was a pilot during a war and I had a bunch of kids. marriage is one long conversation.

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