Step 8-Moving On

Carly’s friends decided to read pages from writing’s Carly wrote after her husband died and after reading, Jana said, “Listen to this. “My pastel life turned to inky blackness after he died. Wandering through our_my home, a memory in every corner, the rest of life loomed ahead like a mystery to be solved. I didn’t want to go on without him. My footsteps faltered when I reached his home office; automatically my fingers curled into a fist ready to knock on the carved oak door he loved. Entering, I inhaled his lingering scent in paneled walls, carpet, upholstered furniture and I asked the stillness that remained of him, “How can I live without you?” and I swear he answered, “One foot in front of the other, for starters.” Jana cleared her throat and said, “Carly, you’ve got something to be shared and I have an idea since clients of mine, Brent and Grace Anderson own The Fairview Weekly News and I’d like to show them a few of your stories, maybe toward writing a column so how would you feel about an opportunity to write for our local paper? Heat came in to Carly’s cheeks and she said, “Uh, I don’t know, uh me writing for a paper for all the town to see?”

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16 thoughts on “Step 8-Moving On

  1. That’s a great opportunity for her. I think she’s a courageous lady, and writing for the paper might be good for her.

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