Step 9-Moving On

And so, a possible small town paper might be a job for me, thought Carly or maybe not and best friend Jana claimed her writing sold itself, the proof was in the pudding, what ever that meant. Days later, when Carly had given up hope of hearing from Jana, she called, sending Carly into a tailspin when she said, “They like your work and want to meet you tomorrow at 10 a.m. “Wait, don’t hang up, why do they want to meet me? and uh, what do I wear, say, do? Carly whined like a champion whiner as she said, “Jana, I’ve never had a job outside the slavery performed in my home and then she cried big tears and felt like a fool. Okay, she thought, and began to write: Moving On, Column 1 What happens when you are mid-fifties with no safety net waiting after your loved one dies? Learning by trial and error, I found some solutions and decided to keep a journal about stumbling through the minefield of Moving On. I hope my experiences will provide a map for both men and women whose feet seem to be planted in mid-air. See you next week, reader o’mine I welcome a word or two from you.

Carly thought she’d go in with confidence the next day, first column written, dressed great by Jana, Q&A’d like she was studying for SAT’s. . .so why does she feel like a tower of Jello?


21 thoughts on “Step 9-Moving On

  1. The easiest and sometimes the hardest thing to write about is personal experience. But she seems to have a passion for writing.

  2. I like the way she tries to be strong and self confident but then doubts creep in…and then she picks herself up and just takes action. Yay! Enjoyed the snippet. Hugs to you, my friend.

    • Oddly, I worked at home helping my husband for a long time plus taking care of our children. When I hit fifty, an actor friend called me to say I should get me into the big City and show my face around. I became an actor just like that for years in daytime shows, moved on to movies and a lead in play for three years. What a marvelous time and later I began to write. You never know! You’re so right about self-confidence, Aurora.

  3. I love her easy way with words once she gets into the flow. She’s sweet and sincere, kinda like someone else I know! 😉

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