Step 10-Moving On

Moving along, Carly entered the wilds of becoming a real writer, both good and often bad as daughter Julie Beth is pregnant, two months to go, as she finishes the last of college and Mike called to say Carly, almost superb mother in law, better hurry to care for Julie Beth. “What’ll I do since they live in Madison and it’s a long way to drive and she wrung her hands and cried, “My Daughter.” and thought: Great show of strength and here she was, a tower of Jello. The Andersons came through because it just so happened they owned a private plane; their driver offered to take Carly to the airport where their plane would be waiting. Granny-hood here I come, Carly thought. The plane sliced through layers of billowing clouds and Carly glanced for her husband because at such a time, he should be waiting for the birth of their first grandchild. How I missed the warmth of his hands on me; the curl of our bodies together, the way he’d press his heat between my legs and wait for me to accept his love.

The two of us, Mr.and Mrs, in a hotel room; the very words had conjured sex, passion, and naked bodies since the day we met two years ago when our auras merged into a rainbow. All of a sudden, Carly felt shy, “Now What? and he said, “I better take off my top hat.” All of a sudden, she said,” This is kind of like strip poker, isn’t it, honey?” And they both laugh as he yanks off the rest of his clothes and it isn’t so funny anymore.


18 thoughts on “Step 10-Moving On

  1. So true. And now she will be a Granny. Lots of changes for Carly. I just found out that my publisher is ill and it seems she won’t be working. Might you have a publisher I can get in touch with? I have so many books that can be used again. Oh well, thanks as always

  2. I SO love this line: the very words had conjured sex, passion, and naked bodies since the day we met two years ago when our auras merged into a rainbow. – Beautifully written, my friend!

    • Alexis, I’m having a good time writing. If by chance you know a publisher, I’m looking for someone. My publisher is ill and that ends her work. Please let me know if you know a nifty publisher. Thanks a bunch, my friend.

  3. So much emotion. Yep, the first grandchild, an experience you’d want to share. I love that last para –it made me smile and it pulled at my heart-strings, dear girl… Take off the tophat. Nice touch!

  4. I loved the line :a tower of Jello.” Great imagery. I’m sorry to hear your publisher is ill. Since I self-publish, I can’t help you other than to wish you success in finding another.

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