Now What? continued

The light turned green, he waved a leather glove, beckoned me to follow. Wait a minute, cycle man is what Patty Rea said and here he is. I must have been out of my mind because I followed him; dumber than dirt, that’s me. He gestured for me to open my window but I shook my head in an emphatic no.”Get out of the car” I played the dumb blond although my hair is brown with a few highlights, and then I managed to cry a little. He said,” Sorry, I just was angry to see a woman so careless following a stranger. He pulled out a card; handed it to me. Martin Ambrose Architect. His address was what singles call geographically desirable. I wasn’t about to tell him my eighteen month granddaughter told me a cycle man was coming soon. “Now will you come out,” he said. I unlocked my car and fell into his arms; my knees grew weak, every cliche’ I’d ever read about in love stories were still true. Kissing a man I didn’t know and I loved it and that was only the first. A male voice called out. “Everything okay, Ma’am?” Mall security Pushing Martin away, I caught my breath. Yes, I’m fine. I was just uh giving him directions.” Erections, I thought. Martin said,” Where do you live? Just leave your car here and straddle my Harley.” “Leave my car and straddle his what?”


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