Now What? Continued

In the rule book for first date, it’s mandatory to have coffee,” she said in an attempt to maintain her sanity. “Okay,” he said. “Hop on. Coffee coming up.”

He pulled a helmet from a case , adjusted under her chin and away they went. Five minutes later , he stopped in front of HIDEAWAY. “Bikers Welcome.” He scooped her off the bike, locked up and strode in, with her in tow. Carly as Biker babe. “How do you like coffee, hot or sweet? Does this qualify for a first date? “Not sure,” Carly said. “Are you finished?” he said. “Not quite,” she said. “Do you live alone?” he said. “Not ready to tell you.” she said. “Speak to me,” he said. “Outside.””What happened?You became frightened?” he said. “Yes and more than that. I don’t fall into strange strangers arms and behave like a”…Carly felt cheap and slutty, embarrassed for her behavior. Lucky for him he kept his hands to himself or she would have hauled off with the solid right hook her brothers taught her years before.”Where do we go from here,” he said. “May I drive you home where we can get to know each other.” “What about my car,” she said. “We can pick it up later.” Carly said, ” Just who are you, Martin Ambrose, architect?”

18 thoughts on “Now What? Continued

  1. Interesting she’s now having second thoughts but she has been pretty bold and unlike herself up till now, so it’s natural she’d pull back a bit. Enjoyed the excerpt…hugs to you, my friend!

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