Now What? Continued

We rode into the wind to the peaceful town she’d always lived in. He turned to her, removed the helmet she wore and said,”What’s your name , lovely lady.?” All this had happened and he didn’t know her name! Carly Joy Evans, she said. He said:”Carly Joy Evans and he kissed her every time he spoke her name. Carly could barely say,”Please stop and take a seat. Frowning, Martin back off, raised a hand palm up to say all is well sat down and he leaned toward Carly. “Some people might think our behavior was reckless. Personally, I believe when you reach what is called middle age, there’s no time to waste. You might by chance meet someone at a stop light, what you see stirs your blood; she maybe the one. He moved closer, tipped her chin up and inhaled her face. What’s your feeling, Carly Joy?”She was speechless. He was so appealing, she definitely wanted to feel the length of him warm and juicy next to her but kept her reserve and waited for what else he might say.Suddenly it didn’t matter; a familiar SUV turned toward her home; daughter was dropping in. She waved, told Martin to hang with my family while she ran to change into fresh clothes. HTTP:wewriwa://.com

19 thoughts on “Now What? Continued

  1. I love the spontaneity of this story!

    Oh geez… It makes me want to hop in the car, put the top down, and just go have an adventure. lol

    BTW, I love that you put “…rode into the wind…” in this. Should touch the soul of riders reading this. 🙂

    Hugs, my friend…

  2. I love the urgency and energy in this scene! Next time I’m at a stoplight and something stirs my blood, I’m going for it! And I have you to thank for that. 🙂

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