Now What? continued

Last week, between Carly and friend Jana, they talked about Carly’s situation with Marty and what to do. “First of all,”Carly said,” I keep thinking the heater is broken but no one else complained and on some level, I think Bob is warning me away and now I believe Bob and I should let go of each other so I can pursue a life. “Jana, the ball’s in your court so what’s your take on my situation.” Those eyes of hers gazed deep inside me. Shaking her head, she said, “I have to ask a few questions at this point. DDid you have unfinished business with Bob when he died; anything at all that wasn’t reconciled between you? I knew hoe close you two always were but somewhere in my memory of the time he had the first heart attack until you lost him, something went wrong.” Chills crept over me as if my feet were in a pail of ice water. I played “remember when” with Jana back to what I called as the bad time when Bob started listening to his heart and forgot about me. We lost touch with each other until the final touch when he was gone. Jana had an idea when she said,” Have you ever thought about moving out of this house, maybe selling it to Julie and Michael because this house will accommodate three small kids. “Oh my god, I could live nearby but not live here-oh Jana, you are a genius, but not a word, client privilege. Jana said, “You’re not my client.” “Do you have a dollar in your handbag?” Jana fished in her wallet, pulled out a dollar bill and handed it to me, and of course I gave it back. “Now you’re my lawyer.” Hey, stay over since the roads are icy and go home in the morning. Deal?” Jana laughed, sipped some wine and said “Deal” http://wewriwa://.com

17 thoughts on “Now What? continued

  1. Their easy relationship shines through in this snippet.

    Friends of our family did that. She moved into a smaller house a half-mile away, and her son, his wife, and their 3 children moved into her bigger house. A good plan for everyone.:-)

    Great snippet, my friend. Hugs…

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