Now What? continued

Last week, Carly rushed to dress up as her new date rang the bell. The first thing he said was, “May I escort you to the Mayor’s charity Ball?:”Yes,” she said. Can you stay a while?” He nodded as she led Marty to her favorite room where spirits and memories live.Flames crackled as they entered the the large cozy room. “Cozy,” he said. “Hungry?” Carly said. “With a wicked smile, ” he said, “Not for food.” Now Carly knew what direction he was going in and she thought “Not This Time.”Men like to talk about themselves.” “Tell me about yourselve, Marty. How did you come to be an architect and your relationship with the Major. I’d like to know all about you.: His cell phone rang and he said, “Excuse me.” A log tipped over and needed adjustment. When Carly turned around, he was very close to kiss.Heat of the fire at Carly ‘s back, heat of Marty at her front, she was like toasting a marshmallo, melting on the outside, heat of Martin on the inside. It turned out to be an end. Martin said, “Sorry I have to leave. The Mayor called a quick conference. The Ball is in two weeks. I’ll pick you up at six o’clock.” “White orchids, a high society ball, my first love is a spirit, my next true love is a priest gone forever, Martin Ambrose is what?


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