lAST WEEK, CARLY WAS READY FOR THE BIG PARTY. JANA SPENT A HALF AN HOUR PUTTING MAKE-UP ON CARLY’S PRETTY FACE aT THE LAST MINUTE, SHE GAVE CARLY HER SABLE JACKET to keep her warm and off she went. What a great friend. Six pm, chimes rang out. Mr.Black tie arrived. He almost knocked her over and gasped in delight . Marty stepped in the entrance hall, planted a kiss on her cheek. “You are lovely.” Carly thought he was lovely too. She explained that her son in law, Micheal gave them a phone number just in case her daughter has an emergency because Julie was very pregnant with twins and Patti Rea is home with a sitter. Mike would call if there is any problem. Meanwhile they danced, he introduced Carly and they ordered dinner. A waiter appeared at Marty’s side and him a note. Carly began to shake. Marty spoke to the illustrious group. “We have a family emergence. Carly’s daughter is in labor and we must leave. ” Carly, in the car, realized Marty had said, We have an emergency. We must run. Excuse us. “Hey you”, Carly said, “you are one terrific man. I didn’t expect you to leave the party just for me.”Martin didn’t say aw chucks m’am or anything foolish. He said, “I’d do anything for you, Carly Joy.”Sally, the young sitter, jumped up. She had a date and had to run. Marty was game, dressed in formal wear, we headed to the nursery for the promised treat. Carly was sure this wasn’t quite what he had in mind at the beginning of the evening. Patti said “Peek a Boo.” She pointed to Marty and said “Cycle Man.” She clapped her hands. “Cycle Man read Goodnight Moon, ‘kay?” wewriwa://wewriwa://one more

16 thoughts on “NOW WHAT? CONTINUED

  1. An action-packed snippet, my friend! Love the nod to Goodnight Moon at the end. That’s always a crowd-pleaser, just like yourself! πŸ™‚

    • In real life, I had a bunch of kids and almost never had a moment. Even when I had the children, I had no time for anything except them. But when my baby girl turned 16, a friend handed me a note and said for me to get to the city and seek work. And that began years of acting in New York. Thanks, Ed.

    • Jenna, Carly gets to know Marty but when he keeps rushing to the Mayor’s meetings all the time, she can’t take it and when he calls her, she won’t talk to him because now she is moving since her daughter Julie and Michael bought her big old house. More to follow for Carly. Thanks as always, Jenna. I appreciate your kindness and fun.

    • Hi Kate. Yes, the night where Marty was a good friend. He tries to be ever so kind but he gets stuck all the time since the Mayor of Chicago keeps him running all the time. More to happen and soon. Kate, I’m so pleased to have become a friend of yours.

  2. That had to be a night to remember–not just the lovely party and the twins’ arrival but the way he puts her needs first. Anxious to read more. I hope he’s a keeper.

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