Now What? continued

Jana broke the ice. “Marty was supposed to see you last night and never made it.” Carly nodded. “He was riding the motorcycle here when he had the accident.” Carly nodded. “And you were here waiting for him all those hours by yourself thinking maybe he stood you up.” She hit pay dirt. Tears began to flow and Carly cried.Finding her voice, she painted the whole picture of his sweet message about recreating their first meeting, riding his bike here, declaration of love, and wine while she waited and waited and waited. When Cindy said, “Now What?” Carly froze. She shook her head. “Those are words Bob and I used all the time whenever there was a problem. I wondered exactly what I had with Marty Ambrose. It came down to a few hours in my life; dinners, a breakfast, some kisses and nothing more.” Jana said, ” I’ll go to the funeral with you Tuesday. He meant something to you even for a short time. ” She hugged Carly. Maybe that’s all it was meant to be.”They left and she wasn’t alone. Carly had her faithful dogs. wereiwa://more://com.

14 thoughts on “Now What? continued

  1. Such a sad time in her life. She needs to believe that she has every right to grieve. It needn’t be lessened or diminished in any way because what they had was so brief.

    Good writing, my friend! 🙂

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