Reconstructing Charlie

Fifteen years old traveling alone for the first time and I headed for the restroom. Not too many people in the bus terminal and a sign said the bus to Chicago would leave in half an hour. Midnight I locked the stall counting money, my money. Didn’t come to much; two hundred twenty three dollars plus forty two cents. Bus ticket, snack, cab ride to Lake Shore Drive, where ever that was. Sounded beautiful. Okay when I got to Chicago, I’d change into Mom’s dress and clean up to make a nice impression on aunt Eleanor and uncle Stuart. But what if they hate me and slam the door in my face? Not possible, kid. You’re dynamite. Smart, said the teachers Lots of potential. Have a good trip, the man said.An express bus with no one to bother me. I opened Mom’s letter. Dear Eleanor, I’m sorry I didn’t listen to both of you. Please embrace my daughter and make her your own. She’s smart and clever just like you. My husband is dead and we’ll be fine. Your sister, Elizabeth. I cried and then I knew what I would do. The plan for Charlie Costigan was to skyrocket as high as I could fly. Http://and ://more.

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