Reconstructing Charlie

Patrick drove down the most beautiful wide street I’d ever seen, like something out of a dream. Patrick Donnelly grinned. “This is called the Magnificent Mile: Michigan Avenue. Lake Michigan is just on the other side of all the buildings; Beaches, the Zoo. He gave me a sideways look; “Or maybe tonight?…I said, “I’m fifteen.”He said,:Call me when you’re eighteen. ” We laughed. When the numbers for Lake Shore Drive got closer, I said” Here we are and my aunt told me to go around to the back.Thank you so much, Patrick and when I got out of his car, he said,”Charlie, if you ever a need a friend, call me.” I watched him drive away; and then I hurried to see the front door of a tall old building that looked like a picture come to life. My reflection in the spotless glass door greeted me.I tried out a few smiles, mouthed some hello’s. With Mom’s letter in hand, I rang and chimes echoed somewhere in the house. A man in a dark suit opened the door. “Yes?” he said. A man of few words. “I’m Elizabeth’s daughter.” A woman walked down a curved staircase and moved like she floated on a cloud toward me. She stopped and cried out, “Elizabeth.” Arms outstretched, she embraced me. We both cried just for a minute. With hands so soft, they’d never washed a dish, she held me at arms length. “Edgar, please take her bags upstairs to the first guest room. Thank you.”


28 thoughts on “Reconstructing Charlie

    • She has gone from that terrible place to an incredible home. I personally wouldn’t mind living like that. Of course, here we are battling a terrible sickness. Be sure you wash your hands often. Amy taught me that on the first day. YIKES! More hugs from me to

  1. I love that she was greeted with open arms. I had been worried what the reaction would be when she finally came face to face.

    Keep smiling,

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