Recostructing Charlie

“Oh my.” She said. Stuart, I believe our girl has a photoghraphic memory.” My aunt called me ‘our girl.” I wanted to dance on rooftops, sing in tall trees, build a monument to them. “Well , it seems you are very much like your auntNo one will know and this special talent will take you far. I stroked the dogs ears and said, Some dayI’ll get a degree, a bunch of them. Uncle Stuart opened the door. “Church tomorrow. Ten o’clock. ” He paused. “You do go to Church, don’t you?” Church. Say yes. “Yes.” Aunt aand Uncle introduced me to elegant people on the way up wide steps and then we entered the biggest church in the world.We sat way down in front. They own the pew and they know every one in Chicago. And the best thing is they like me a lot.

23 thoughts on “Recostructing Charlie

  1. You can practically feel the joy vibrating from this girl! I love seeing the world through her eyes. Wonderful writing, my dear friend! xo

    • Charmaine Gordon says: May 10, 2020 at high noon. Edit. Jenna, you are such a wonderful writer. I’m pleased to see you on this special day. The sun is shining at Charlie, though it’s a bit chilly. Thanks for taking a look at what’s happening.

  2. Charmaine Gordon says: May 10,2020 at 12:3O p.m. Edit.
    Charlie is on the way to a new life. With her aunt and uncle, the three of them will be wonderful. Major Hugs and be sure to enjoy Happy Mothers Day.

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